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ARS web hosting services come with a 99.99% uptime record, a dedicated IP address, and the support of a knowledgeable person you can call any time. ARS offers affordable web hosting plans designed to help professionals and small businesses maximize their web presence. Hosting (also known as Web site hosting, Web hosting, and Webhosting) is the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more web sites. More important than the computer space that is provided for Web site files is the fast connection to the Internet. Typically, an individual business hosting its own site would require a similar connection and it would be expensive. Using a hosting service lets many companies share the cost of a fast Internet connection for serving files.

What do you look for in a web host provider? Do you look for the lowest cost per month? Or do you value performance, up-time, and customer service?

We know when we invested in our first web host package we thought cost was the single most important factor. We thought getting and offering a cheap deal meant we got a good deal. We where wrong, very wrong. What we failed to appreciate at the time, was the importance of website performance and speed!
No matter how good your website looks, if it runs slow and is not responsive, users will simply leave and go elsewhere.  In fact, not only will they leave your website, but they will most likely leave frustrated and never return.


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